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Sirop Coacaz-negru cu indulcitor naturali Hyper Stevia rebaudiana

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Brand: Taina Plantelor

Diseases : Tratamente Alergie, Vitamine si Minerale naturale, Anemie

Weight: flacon 250 ml indulcitor natural

13 RON


Natural extract from fruits of the cassis � Ribes nigrum, natural sweetener from Stevia rebandiana, 0,02% sodium benzoate


-general invigorator -immune stimulant -anti anemic -depurative -diuretic -sweating -anti sclerogene -pectoral


INTERNAL: 3-4 teaspoons for children, 3-4 spoons for adults, dissolved in tea, mineral water, plain water. The dose can be dubled.


Cassis syrup with natural sweetener is recommended in the first place for persons with high glycemy or for diabetics, due to its non-chaloric sugar content, but also to the properties of the Stevia Rebandiana�s natural sweetener, to decrease the glycemy and to stimulate the pancreatic function. Cassis syrup, due to its high content of vitamin PP, stimulates the defective peripheral circulation, frequently seen in case of diabetics and which leads to a series of disorders characteristic to diabetics, such as: diabetic rrheniopathy, high arterial blood pressure, artery sclerosis, phlebitis, arteritis. Cassis syrup is an important source of calcium, helping the formation of bones by children and the maintenance of calcium in the normal limits by adults. The rich iron content of the cassis positively influences the formation process of the red cells, being indicated in the treatment of anemia, convalescence. Due to the rhutosine of the cassis syrup, it has an important role in preventing vascular accidents. Due to its high content of vitamin, PP stimulates the peripheral circulation. It prevents and ameliorates artery-sclerosis, high arterial blood pressure, cardiac insufficiency. Due to the auto cyan and poly fenil, the cassis syrup has anti oxidant action in destroying the free radicals, anti inflammatory diseases, rheumatism (artrosis), digestive diseases (gastritis, gastro-duodenal ulcer), heparic-gall diseases, respiratory diseases (laryngitis, pectoral angina), in the allergic syndrome that accompanies bronchic asthma. Cassis syrup increases diurrheza, helping the elimination of the ureic acid, gallstones and the amelioration of the nephritis.

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