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Sirop de Catina cu zahar

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Brand: Taina Plantelor

Diseases : Sistem nervos-tonifiere, Vitamine si Minerale naturale

Weight: flacon, 500 ml

13 RON


Natural extracts from the fresh fruits of the Sea-Buckthorn � Hippophae Rhamnoides, inverted sugar, 0,02% sodium benzoat;


-general invigorator, the sea-buckthorn being considered a natural poly-vitamin -immune-stimulant -anti scurvy -detoxifier -hypocholesterolemiant, decreases the quality of triglycerides from the blood and at the same time, increases the quality of plasmatic Mg -anti inflammatory -hepatotrophic -vermifuge


INTERNAL: for children 3-4 teaspoons, daily and 3-4 spoons for adults, daily, dissolved in water or tea. The sea-buckthorn syrup can be combined or alternated with sea-buckthorn capsules, which contain natural extracts from the fruits of the sea-buckthorn.


The sea-buckthorn syrup is a bio-trophic and an exceptional bio-stimulator, it is one of the strongest regenerators and energizers, qualities that are given in the first place by the existence of the serotonin. The serotonin is the most powerful anti stress factor from the fruits of the sea-buckthorn. It is a cerebral hormone, with a vasodilator role, regulator of the glucose level, also interfering in the tumorous process. It is an effective anti oxidant, avoiding the formation of free radicals, it is a good immune modeler, stimulating the common answer of the leukocytes in the anti bacterial defense. The serotonin controls the state of awake-sleep and the response to light-dark, controls the process of nocturnal urination. The sea-buckthorn is an exceptional depurative, has an important role in the elimination of urate and toxic substances, in this way a detoxifying of the body is done, as it is hardly achieved by other methods. It is diuretic, used in various kinds of renal disorders. As it is a bacterial and bacterial static agent it is used in different infections of the skin or infected wounds; protects the skin and the mucous membranes by the noxious action of some radiations, speeds up the healing and scaring of some wounds, has positive reactions for burns, frost-bites, heals diseases such as psoriasis, zoster zone, boils. It strengthens the immune system and increases the resistance of the body to physical and intellectual effort. It is neuro-tonic and sedative for the nervous system, being used in sleeplessness, neurasthenia, neurosis, nervous break-downs, anxiety, nervous exhaustion, improves the intellectual activity, increasing the memory and focusing capacity, sustains the intellectual effort. The sea-buckthorn is the most complex natural poly-vitamin, being used in serious deficiencies of vitamin, anemias, asthenias, convalescence, lack of appetite, stops hair falling, regenerating the roots. It is anti inflammatory and calming, it is useful in rheumatic diseases and prostate disorders. It is astringent and vermifuge, it is useful in parasitosis. The sea-buckthorn is used in diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, diarrhea, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer, it is hepato-trophic, being used in epidemic and chronic hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis. It ameliorates or heals benign and malignant tumorous disorders at the level of the digestive tube, it is an adjuvant in the chemo-therapy against cancer. It increases the reconstruction of the body after surgeries of any kind. The sea-buckthorn is used in various diseases of the respiratory tract: laryngitis, pharyngitis, tuberculosis, lung cancer, bronchic asthma. It is advised for hyper-thyroid and gout. The sea-buckthorn is advised in various blood diseases, stimulates hematopoenza, it is useful in complex diseases, like Alzheimer and Hodkin diseases. It proves to be efficient in states like epilepsy. It also shows promising effects in diseases like AIDS. The sea-buckthorn is advised in geriartry. Due to its content in unsaturated fat acids with a role in producing prostate-glandines, it regulates the permeability of the cellular membrane, stopping the aging and wrinkling of the skin. It is used as an adjuvant in cardiovascular diseases: high blood pressure, artery-sclerosis, tachycardia, ischemic heart disease, obliterant artery, varix. The sea-buckthorn stimulates the basic metabolism, helping the regulation of normal weight. It increases the milk secretion for women in the nourishing period.

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